Timeline of Art History (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Explore Art from 20,000 B.C. to 2000A.D.. This is one of the best timeline sites on the Net. It can be used to explore the history art but also the history of civilization. Edinformatics Select


The History Channel has an easy to use timeline database that allows searching by century/decade. Additional information links are provided within the timeline. Edinformatics Select

History Mole - Explore historical timelines from anywhere in history, showing events from the last two thousand years, with links to many other detailed sources. Although this is a commercial pay-site, a large amount of data can be accessed for free.
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The History Place - Excellent timelines for:
The Civil War ( 1861-1865)
American Revolution(1700-1790)
Holocaust -Starting in 1933 with the appointment of Adolf Hitler
World War II in Europe Starts in 1918 with the end of World War I. Timelines have photos and text.

American History TimeLine - This is a list of links to American History Timelines from the Smithsonian Institution. (New World, Colonial Era and Revolutionary War, A New Nation, Civil War, Reconstruction, The Progressive Era, WWI, Great Depression, WWII, Modern Era-Present)

American Museum of Natural History

19,000 -360,000 Years Ago -On the Museum's web site you can move through the scenes to learn more about these animals and the ecosystems in which they lived.

Asian History

Timeline of India- From Kamat.com - An excellent timeline from pre-historic time to the present. Contains many images of works of art from India... Edinformatics Select

Era and Timeline of Chinese History - This is an extensive timeline of Chinese History (most in chinese text)

Timeline of Japanese History


Search Intute database of Science, Engineering and Technology Internet resources

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Timelinescience -One thousand years of scientific thought from 1000AD to present. The site contains a search tool of their database.

Math and Computing

Chronological list of Mathematicians, there are also a chronological lists of mathematical works and mathematics for China, and chronological lists of mathematicians for the Arabic sphere, Europe, Greece, India, and Japan.

Math Forum -- From Aristotle (384 BC) through Sylvester (1897)

History of Mathematics Timeline - This is an interactive math timeline. By clicking on the line, a surfer should get information about which mathematicians are alive and the important work being done at that time

1,000,000 BC to 500 AD Mathematics Timeline from Prehistoric and Ancient Times from La Habra High School.

Computer Timelines

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