NEW Explain it with Molecules - Why does ice float?-- How does soap work? -- Why is diamond so hard?-- Why do carcinogens like nicotine cause cancer? -- Why is a salt crystal cubic in shape? -- This is an interactive activity using the JMol applet which allows students to interact with molecules. No plug-in is needed.

Water Module
This module contains information on water and
ice, MPEG files of water simulations...
MathMol Interactive Textbook
This updated version contains java applets, Flash movies and javascript interactive activities. The MathMol Tutorials have been updated to work using JavaMage so they can be performed online
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What is molecular modeling? Why is molecular
important? Why the math in MathMol?
Java and Shockwave
Hundreds of java applets (chemistry, physics,
Earth Systems, Mathematics...
Molecular Modeling Software
Free Molecular Modeling software
that can be used in school or at home....
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Chime Interactive Molecules
Start learning about molecules interactively using
the public domain software Chime...
Structural Databases
A list of databases with structures in the *.pdb
format that can be used by CHIME.
Library of 3-D Molecules
The library contains PDB and VRML files for:
water, ice, amino acids, molecules of life, drugs...
Concepts in Science
Water, Photosynthesis, Carbon, Mathematics

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